'Alex Cross' Review: Tyler Perry Falls Short

Tyler Perry's Latest Woes - ABC News
After overcoming a traumatic childhood and months of homelessness as a struggling artist, movie mogul Tyler Perry has new woes -- racial profiling and, most recently ...

'Alex Cross' Review: Tyler Perry Falls Short
-- James Patterson titled his 12th Alex Cross crime novel simply "Cross." The filmmakers who adapted it expanded the title to "Alex Cross." They might as ...

Move over, Madea: The actor/producer/director has gone from grandma to gritty cop in his new movie, “Alex Cross.” Based on the James Patterson novels, Perry goes action star, and fails mightily, according to critics. A review for the New Republic explains, "Picture Alan Alda in the title role of ‘Dirty Harry,’ and you have a good idea why [this] doesn't work.”

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