Tom Cruise: ‘Top Gun’ Sequel Stalls After Death Of Director

‘Top Gun’ Sequel Stalls After Death Of Director ...
The Inquisitr
A Top Gun sequel has reportedly run into a roadblock after the suicide of director-producer Tony Scott, leading some to believe that the movie is doomed. Tony Scott had been working on the Top Gun

Sequel to Top Gun! A new Top Gun Movie ...
Top Gun 2 movie preview. The new Top Gun movie will feature Tom Cruise in a cameo role. The 2012 sequel to this 1986 legendary film.

Top Gun Sequel
Top Gun Sequel. Latest rumors, spoilers, and info about the new Top Gun movie starring Tom Cruise and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

'Top Gun 2': Tom Cruise May Film Sequel Before Next 'Mission ...
Top Gun 2 is one of those potential sequels that has movie writers threatening to eat their shoes. Yet the film appears closer to take-off

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